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+++ In comparison to other European countries, Switzerland holds only rank 17 concerning LGBTIQ rights. +++ Every week we receive reports of more than six attacks towards an LGBTIQ person – and this is only the tip of the iceberg. +++ The suicidality of gay teenagers is five times higher than that of straight teenagers. +++ One can lose their job simply on the grounds of being gay – without being able to defend oneself. +++ It still depends on the teacher whether LGBTIQ topics are being discussed in class.

We stand up for a pink Switzerland in which we have legal equality and are accepted in society.

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Pink Cross is Switzerland’s national umbrella organisation of gay and bisexual men* and represents their interests in all four language regions. We stand in for gay and bisexual men’s interests in politics, administration, as well as the public.

 Our goal is to achieve acceptance and equal rights for gay and bisexual, as well as other queer ways of life on a national and international level. We stand against discrimination, prejudice and violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status. We achieve our goals through active media presence, lobbying, and the strengthening of our LGBTIQ community.

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What we are fighting for:


Gay and bisexual men are still legally discriminated against. Along with other LGBTIQ organisations, we fight for complete equality for all queer forms of life. In this, we mainly focus on the national level. For example, we stand up for Marriage Equality and rainbow families and against hate crimes, as well as the ban of gay and bisexual men’s making blood donations. The European comparison by ILGA Europe shows that, with a rather mediocre rank, Switzerland is currently always behind on matters of equality.


We long for a society free of discrimination. Gay and bisexual men spend most of their everyday life in school or at work, which is why we engage especially in those two areas: We support schools and companies in becoming more inclusive. This way, queer people can be accepted and supported by their colleagues during their education and in their work environment.


All throughout their life, gay and bisexual men, as well as other LGBTIQ people, face specific issues and challenges. We want their environment to be sensitised to and aware of this – be it in a sports club, a youth organisation, concerning the practice of religion, the application for asylum with sexual orientation as the reason for flight, be it in retirement or nursing homes. Furthermore, along with the TGNS (Transgender Network Switzerland), we stand up for the rights of trans people.


Our community is as diverse as its members – which is why there are infinite possibilities for networking and advocacy. Are you looking for financial support for a queer short film? Do you yourself want to engage and research LGBTIQ organisations nearby? Or do you simply want to know the date for the next Pride? Find information on LGBTIQ organisations, Prides in Switzerland, as well as more detailed information on the LGBTIQ Conference and the Fonds Respect here.

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