Doon't you dare!

Self Defence Courses for Queers

In Spring 2022 we will organize the first English self defence courses for queer people – all participants are LGBTIQ. 

Protect yourself!

Physical assaults against LGBTQ's are omnipresent. In this self-defence course for queers you will learn how to act proactively and react in dangerous situations and which techniques you can use to defend yourself. No self-defence experience needed.

This course will strengthen your self-confidence as well as your mental abilities and physical techniques. So you can be safer in public - just the way you are.

Time and Place

The course will take place twice and is spread over two days in a single weekend: Saturdays, from 10am to 5pm and Sundays, from 12pm until 6pm. You only have to invest one weekend in this course, which will take place once in English and once in German

  • 23./24. April 2022 (German), Zurich (Sporthalle Hallenbad Altstetten) Buy a ticket
  • 28./29. May 2022 (English), Zurich (Sporthalle Hallenbad Altstetten) Buy a ticket

A week before the course starts, you will recieve the last pieces of information as well as detailed directions to the location.

Who runs the course?

To carry out this course we trust on the knowledge of Functional Fighting, the same company, which helped us run our successful courses last year. Should you have any questions regarding the course or the course leaders, Aktivieren Sie Javascript um diese geschützte E-Mail Adresse zu sehen.




  • Regular Price: 250 CHF
  • Members (Pink Cross, LOS, TGNS, Milchjugend, Haz): 200 CHF
  • Small budget: 100 CHF
  • "Studi-" or "Kulturlegi" or under 18 years old and living in the city of Zurich: 50 CHF (made possible through the support from the city of Zurich)

Not a member yet? Sign up today for only CHF 50 in the first year and benefit from a CHF 50 discount on this course!


  • You don't need any experience in self defence and you don't have to be trained or sporty.
  • You are 18 or older or you have the written consent from your legal guardian (from 16).
  • You are ready to take part in this course and you can fully participate.
  • Please inform us at least 14 days before the course, in case you can't participate. All cancellations after that are non-refundable, but you're allowed to look for a replacement who will take part with your ticket instead.


What does such a course look like?

Are you still unsure if this course is something for you? These media posts give you an insight in some of our previous courses.

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20 Minuten
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28./29. May 2022 (English)

23./24. April 2022 (German)